Getting Access Of SmartPhones Remotely

Remote access is known as the ability to access a network or computer remotely via a network connection. In this type of connection, no physical access to device or network is required.

For Accessing Smartphone remotely, four-terminal windows will be opened.

The terminal window is a window where users can execute their commands.

Following are the four different actions required,

  1. Creating a Payload via Phantom Evasion or Fatrat.
  2. Using Ngrok to create a Secure Tunnel
  3. A New Window for Host
  4. Using MSF console to exploit.

Creating A Payload

First, we have to create a payload to serve the required purpose. You can use the phantom evasion for this purpose.

For having a reverse TCP you have to type the following command,


After that, you have to set the localhost(copied from 2nd line of host terminal) and local port. In the end, you have to type the name of your apk like abc.


In ngrok directory, you can use the following command,

tcp 1234

then copy the line starting from tcp://0.tcp….

Terminal For Host

In the new terminal type host and then paste the line you copied from ngrok terminal.

From the second line, you will have the required IP that you have to paste in lhost of phantom evasion.

MSF Terminal

By using a multi/handler you are near to the final steps.

Command: set PAYLOAD android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

after that set localhost and local port to 000 and 1234 respectively.

When the Payload is executed you can type exploit to gain access to required smartphone remotely.

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