Google Play Removes 42 Harmful Apps With 8 Million Collective Downloads.

Slovak internet security company ESET recognizes 42 harmful apps on Google Play as be owned by the fight, which had been running since July 2018 with more than 8 million collective downloads. Of those, 21 were still available at the time of finding.

“We announce the apps of  Google security team and they were rapidly removed. Still, the apps are available in third-party app stores, “what is the type of device, OS version, language, the total number of installed apps, how much free storage space available, what’s the battery status, whether the device is rooted or not and Developer mode enabled or disable , and whether Facebook and Messenger are installed or not.

“The app receives layout data from the (C&C) server, for displaying ads, and for secrecy and flexibility,”

Once a user installed an Advoutry -contaminate app, Now the app will show full-screen ads on the intervals of the displays.

At very First, the poisonous app tries to configure whether it is being tested by the Google Play security mechanism.

After dive Google servers, the venomous app can set a custom delay between displaying ads. Based on the server response, the app can create a shortcut and hide the icon.

“The poisonous developer also has apps in the Apple App Store. At this point if Some of them are iOS versions of the ones removed from Google Play, but none contain Advoutry functionality,” said Stefanko.

The testers tested each app and found that most shared the same or alike code, and often the apps were similarly named. whenever tap or click, the app would display an ad, In doing so, the app generates money for the app maker.

Some of the bad adware-ridden apps found by security researchers. (Image: Trend Micro)

The affected apps included A/C Air Conditioner Remote, Police Chase Extreme City 3D Game, Easy Universal TV Remote, Garage Door Remote Control, Prado Parking City 3D Game and many more. (Some more apps list of apps here.)

Those apps included Video Downloader Master, which had more than five million downloads; and Ringtone Maker Pro, SaveInsta which had 500,000 downloads each.

In spite of Google’s best efforts in examine apps before they’re accepted into Google Play, venomous apps are one of the most common warnings to the users of Android. Google attracts more than 700,000 venomous apps from the Google Play store in the past year alone and has improved its back-end to stop venomous apps from getting into the store in the first place.

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