Linux Basic Commands 2

Continuing the Linux basic commands. If you haven’t checked out part 1, you can check it here.

To Open A Manual Of A Command

Command: man abc

{man for manual, abc is a command name. To quit the program press q and then press enter}

For Copying A File

Command: cp abc /home/

{abc is file name while /home/ is the copying location}

if permission is denied then,

Command: sudo cp abc /home/

For Moving A File

Command: mv test /home/

To Check The Permission Of The File

(for example, we want to check the permission of file abc located on the desktop)


Cd Desktop/

ls -l abc

Note: Permissions are divided into three parts.

  1. Admin
  2. Group
  3. Public

To Change Permission

Command: chmod

TO Check Present Directory

Command: pwd

{pwd= print working directory}

Turning Into Super User

Command: sudo -i

The above mentioned are all the basic commands that a beginner Linux user should aware of.

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