IT Manager Arrested in Massive Data Breach Case of Ecuador’s History Affecting More Than 20M People

Ecuador’s officials have arrested the G.M of IT consulting firm known as Novaestrat. According to reports, the massive data breach exposed the personal details of almost the entire population of the Republic.

 Data breach exposed the data of more than 20million people. Their record was found publicly exposed on an unsafe Elasticsearch server. It is now known as the biggest data breach in the country’s history.

It is suspected that the firm gained access to sensitive data during the rule of the former government. That data consists of personal information of more than 20million people whether dead or alive. Exposed data contains details of every citizen of the Republic including the President.

The Officials stated that they have arrested William Roberto, the IT manager of  Novaestrat. Moreover, they seized his electronic equipment, documentation, and computers during the raid in his house. William has been taken to Country’s capital for further investigation.

Regarding the privacy concerns, Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecommunications is looking forward to passing a new data privacy law in the country. Because it is not the first time country’s security has been compromised.

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