Tweeting Via SMS Got Disabled By Twitter After CEO Gets Hacked

For those who don’t know about “Tweeting Via Sms”, it is a feature of Twitter through which a user can tweet from his account via number registered with that particular account.  A few days ago Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked by a group calling itself  Chuckling Squad.

After hackers gain access to Jack’s number, they used text messages to post under his username. They compromised the account of Twitter’s CEO without even logging into his account. After the incident, Twitter temporarily disabled the “Tweeting Via SMS Feature”.

The hack was performed via a technique known as SIM SWAPPING. By this technique hacker trick the mobile service provider to transfer victim’s fone number to their own sim card.

Twitter blamed the telecom companies by stating that they should address the vulnerabilities that allow this kind of misuse. The Social media company is looking forward to improving their security. Either way. it wasn’t the first time that someone’s account was hacked via Sim Swapping. Many social media stars have been a victim of this attack before.

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